Piedmont Branches


The information on this genealogy website organized into eight different groups based on the surnames of my 4 grandparents and my wife's 4 grandparents, all of which were born and raised in piedmont North Carolina.

Kepley Simpson Kimball Morgan Berrier Sharpe Thompson Wood
Brandon Adams Binager Coggin Craver Barrett Benson Beesom
Cathey Billingsley Binnicker Cranford Graber Beck Coggin Brown
Gardiner Caunt Cress Dennis Everhart Blackwelder Coggins Chamness
Gardner Conrad Harris Hearne Frank Cline Cranford Cole
Horah Conrath Kendrick Hopkins Walk Klutts Elliott Dunn
Layrle Cook Kimbold Howard Clore Kluttz Haltom Hedgecock
Locke Crabtree Kress Smart Grimes Krider Harris Hitchcock
Lyerly Darr Lundy Stewart Greim Crider Hopkins Lamb
Parks Dixon Misenheimer Wilson Lopp Misenheimer Johnson Mendenhall
Patton Dow Penninger Shoaf Murrier Moore Norton
Pinkston Eddinger Tomlin Kepley Spaugh Pennington Pickett
Shepard Frank Turner Leonard Swicegood Watson Piggott
Sheppard Greim Wood Sowers Schweissguth Reynolds
Simison Grimes Sauer Williams Thomas
Holstead Wagner Young
Howerton Waggner Jung
Kellam Younts

Access to the data related to living family members (descendant reports & photos) is restricted to living family members. If you are an Aunt, Uncle or Cousin, and do not have a password, please contact me.

I have worked on collecting family information since I was a teenager, spending many days at the court house and the library, searching records and taking notes. When Anna and I got married, I realized that we are both descendents of some of the earliest settlers to the piedmont region of North Carolina. I was fascinated that so many surnames appeared on both sides of the family. Through the internet, I have been able to expand the network of families to the current size. My daughter Sarah has recently joined the project and we currently have more than 10,000 names in the data base. This data is not guaranteed to be correct and is not sourced or cited. If perhaps your data was copied and included, I thank you very much for making it available, I truly appreciate the time that you have committed to research. Please send me additions, corrections and pictures.


William Kimball Kepley